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This is where I just write things.

I wanted a website that was going to look super simple, so that people could just jump in and read what ever it is I've got to say. 

I've got a portfolio over on Wordpress, but I found that a bit hard to use. It seemed like I had to go on a course just to get a things to looks the way I wanted - the reason that is funny is that I work for a web design agency.


I, of all people, should be able to put together a text based website without a speed bump.


I created this as a place I can write whatever I want, review things, complain about things.


I write a lot for work, but the problem there is, I'm writing on behalf of 'experts' that don't have the time to create this content themselves. 


So I often have to credit my writing to someone else with a nice little caption at the bottom... It's great.

Author: The CEO and Founder
Words by: Jacob Ingram


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